About us (Inside our personal lives!)

Learn about us! 


I am in 7th grade at Cannon School! I like to play volleyball and free draw. On the Yaks team I am co publicity manager with Chase. 


I am in 6th grade at Cannon School! I play lacrosse and I like to work on technology. On the Yaks team I am co publicity manager with Maddie.


I am a 6th grader at Cannon School! I like to wrestling and learn about technology. I have a younger brother in 3rd grade and a little sister in preschool. I work on the robot and the bat house mainly.


I am a 7th grader at Cannon School! I like to go to school and read books. I work on the robot!


Hello FRIENDSHIP!! I’m an eight grader at Cannon, and I’m the head of research. I’m a theater geek and a volleyball player.


Hello! I am a fifth grader at Cannon. I love acting, movies, baking, and drawing. I also mainly work on the bat house. GO YAKS!!!! 


What is First Lego League?

What is First Lego League (FLL) you might ask. FLL is a Lego robotics competitions that teams around the world compete in. These teams can be from 1 – 10 people. The competitions have multiple levels. Regional, state, country, world. World competition chooses who is the best team in the world that year. Within a team there is a research part and a robot part. The research part this year is animal allies. The robot part has. A mat which is designed with the animal allies theme.

First Lego League Website for more information:


Bat House

Hi, The Brainy Yaks have been researching bats and bat houses, to build a “better bat house”. We have built a bat house and we hope that it is successful. We researched for a while to figure out what bats like and don’t like, then we designed the bat house. Then we started to measure and build. We have built most of it, and now we are painting it a dark brown to attract the bats.  

– Bella 

Research Project

The Brainy Yaks are in the process of building many bat houses. We have found that current bat houses not very efficient. We have changed the bat houses so that instead of chambers going up and down with the bats climbing over each other but ours have an angle so the bats hang off of it and can climb up the empty space to get to their area like a bat apartment with no walls. It should hold 30-50 bats. We have made a bathouse and working on testing. We have done some math with how many mosquitoes we can eliminate in a square mile with our bat house in that mile.


The Robotics Team

The robot team accomplishes missions that are on the “Robot Board”. We had trouble at the beginning with coming together because two of us played sports after school, but now since the season is over, we can all be together. There are many different missions, each requiring creativity to accomplish it. We could also use attachments to help us out. We try to balance working seriously and having fun. All in all, we get a lot of work done.

By: Nathan